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Family Court of Australia

  • This is the Family Court web-site and contains a step by step guide to family law along with other information including court forms and previous judgments. 

How To Find Out in Family Law
  • This is part of the general Family Court web-site and is an excellent starting point if you are looking for legal information.

Federal Magistrates Court
  • This is the Federal Magistrates web-site and is much similar to the Family Court's site. This is good information on both sites that is relevent to the system rather than specific to either court.

Australian Law On-line
  • This is a Portal to Law Sites 

Government Law Australia

  • Gatway to Government law Sites

Australian Instutute Of Family Studies
  • Lots of general information and links

Child Support Agency
  • Home Page

The Laceweb
  • Group Healing

Camp Connect
  • Camp Connect is based in Victoria. Camp Connect runs workshops and weekend camps that provide life impacting positive outcomes for non-residential fathers and their children.

One Vioce One People
  • Information about Human Rights Abuses In developed Countries

Richard Hilman Foundation
  • The Foundation is a group that has been formed to pursue
    equality for All Australians in matters of the Law and in
    Administrative matters in dealings with Government Departments

Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC)
  • The LIAC Network is an Electronic Information Access Centre and is available in all NSW Public Libraries

Australian Family Support Services Association
  • Australian Family Support Services Association is a community based Association that provide Referral links that include  Newsletters, Website, Brochures, Self Help Kits, to Professional Assistance, Education/Information Seminars, Documented Research Findings/Productions and Telephone Assistance. in areas of; Mental Health, Health for Lifestyle, General Medical Health, Law, Counselling, Mediation, Finances, Crisis Counselling and Accommodation, Parenting Skills, Employment, Relationships, Retirement, etc.